Tiarna Cáelán mac Oduinn


Per pale vert and azure, a winged wolfhound rampant contourny Or.

About Me

As well as being the local herald and former Baronial Yeoman, I am apprenticed to Mistress Elizabet MacKenzie de Ross as a part of the Heron’s Keep household.  I enjoy ancient board games, heraldic display, and just about any craft I can get my hands on.


  • Sable Gryphon
  • Silver Heart
  • Meridian Weapons Master
  • Ram’s Horn – Fighting, Arts and Sciences, Service

Officer Information


Hammer Pursuivant/Herald

Contact Info

Email: herald@thorsmountain.org

Position Description

The Herald is the research and registration master, handling persona and group names, coats of arms, and badges. At events, the Herald is responsible for making announcements, calling to court those that are requested, arranging for field Heralds. Field Heralds announce tournament fighters, ready fighters, and readying fighters. This office is one of the required monthly reporters, outlining the Heraldic activities for our Barony.