Lady Castlellana de Luna


Per chevron ployé throughout purpure semy of mullets argent and argent, a decrescent purpure.


  • Sable Gryphon
  • Ram’s Horn – Arts and Sciences, Service

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Bagatelle Pursuivant


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Position Description

The Bagatelle Pursuivant officer is in charge of organizing the creation of regalia needed within the Barony. This is a sub-office of the Herald’s office.

The Chatelaine officer is the welcome wagon for the Barony. They are the one who extends the group’s hospitality to newcomers and distributes information. The Consul and Gold Key are sub-offices of this position. Duties of the Chatelaine include sending out emails and newsletters, coordinating with Gold Key to arrange garb for newcomers, and acting as the general go-to person at events for new folks needing information or those attending their first event.