Baron and Baroness of Thor’s Mountain

Their Excellencies Bjorn and Elaizbet. Photo credit, Carol Cotton Blickenstorfer

Greetings, visitors to Thor’s Mountain!


As Baron and Baroness of Thor’s Mountain, we would like to welcome you to the Current Middle Ages. If you are new to the Society for Creative Anachronism, we encourage you to contact the Thor’s Mountain Chatelaine for useful starting information. If you are visiting from another group, we hope you will join us at one of our wonderful local events. We also keep a full calendar of local martial activities, classes, dance practices, and social events at which you can come and get to know us.

As the local Baron and Baroness, we have a deep love for the SCA and the period we recreate. Together, with the populace of Thor’s Mountain, we strive to share this love with all who seek to learn about the Middle Ages.

In the SCA, there is truly something for everyone, whether you are interested in combat, archery, historical studies, handicrafts, or if you just want to spend a lovely weekend in good company. We hope you will join us, have fun, make new friends, and maybe even learn something new.

Yours in Service,

Drotin Bjorn Stillingr & Mistress Elizabet MacKenzie de Ross

Baron and Baroness of Thor’s Mountain


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