Baronial Champions

Each year, the champions for the Barony are chosen in competitions of skill and prowess. The warlords and theigns are determined in competition at Holly and Ivy, the yeoman and Bard of Silver Hammer will be awarded at Silver Hammer.



As the commanders of Their Excellencies’ troops, these individuals (or individual) must be prepared to lead in battle with their skill and knowledge of their chosen art.

Heavy:      THLord Tristram Jager von Bonn

Rapier:     THLord Tristram Jager von Bonn



These individuals are the personal guards for Their Excellencies and must be prepared to answer or issue a challenge in their chosen art at any time.

Heavy:      Lord Rørik mac Lugdach

Rapier:     THLord Henry Fox of Oak Hill

Arts:          Lord Waylan de Fabre



This individual has displayed expertise in archery competition and stands as a personal guard for Their Excellencies.

THLord Weylyn de Fabor


Bard of Silver Hammer

This individual has triumphed in an arts competition held during the feast of Silver Hammer each year and is responsible for preparing the theme and handing off the title the next year.

Lord Rørik mac Lugdach