Mistress Elizabet MacKenzie de Ross


Argent, two herons respectant necks entwined and on a chief invected azure two swords inverted in saltire argent.


  • Sable Gryphon
  • Daughter of Iðunn
  • Silver Swan of Jehanne
  • Ram’s Horn – Fighting, Arts and Sciences, Service

Officer Information




Contact Info

Email: provost@thorsmountain.org

Phone: 865-755-8802

Email: baroness.thorsmountain@meridies.org

Position Description

The Provost is the Barony’s contact for the Royal University of Meridies, or RUM. You should contact the Provost if you need a transcript of your classes taken to date or require assistance receiving credit for classes you have taken or taught.

The Baron and Baroness are the Baronial leaders and are expected to increase the presence and represent the Barony with their      service and in their travels. They hold court and bestow awards at events, both at their will and based on populace recommendations.