hosted by the Barony of Thor’s Mountain, October 23, 2021


Event Notes

  • Please note, event requirements may change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the event is planned as a day event. Any changes to the event structure will be prominently posted both here and on the Barony’s Facebook Discussion Page.
  • Proof of vaccination or negative covid-19 test is required in order to attend. Please see the highlighted information at the bottom of this page for full requirements, or read the post found on the Silver Hammer Facebook Event Discussion.
Attendee Type
Daytrip (No Feast)
Daytrip w/ Feast
Additional Information
Adult Member
Make checks payable to SCA-TN, Inc./Barony of Thor's Mountain.

Reservations made only with payment received.

Pre-registrations ends October 15, 2021, all mail-ins must be postmarked by October 15.

Paypal registration is available.
SCArs Online Registration
Adult Non-Member
Minor (17 & Under)
  • To pre-register online using SCArs, please follow THIS LINK.

Schedule / Activities

  • 8:00am – Site Opens
  • 8:30am – Covid-19 Checkpoint & Troll opens
  • 9:00am – Armor & archery inspections open
  • 9:30am – Procession for fighters & archers
  • 10:00am – Arts & Sciences Competition turn-ins at A&S Salon tent.
  • 10:00am – Tournaments begin
    • Silver Hammer Rapier
    • Silver Hammer Heavy
    • Archery Field opens
  • 1:00pm – 2:00pm – Lunch
    • Boxed lunches will be delivered to token holders.
    • Bard of Silver Hammer begins at High Table
  • 2:30pm – Tournaments continue
    • Archery Hammer
    • Loki’s Keep
    • Melees and pickups continue through the afternoons.
  • 4:00pm – Judging/Voting ends for Arts & Sciences competition
  • 5:00pm – Court begins at Their Excellencies’ Pleasure
  • After Court – Site tear down (Park Closes @ Dark)

Lunch Menu

  • Grilled chicken from the Land of Punt
  • Kettle Worms (sausage)
  • Root Vegetables
  • Tzatziki, Hummus, Pita Bread
  • Spinach Cheese Phyllo Pastries
  • Wine Cookies
  • Marzipan

Covid-19 Safety Requirements

  • Silver Hammer will be following the Covid-19 Precautionary Rules as set down from the BOD and our Kingdom.
  • Preregistration is required either by the SCA-rs or a check mailed to the reservationist.
  • Masks will be required unless you are actively participating on the fighting field.
  • All entrants over the age of 12 must first pass through the Covid-19 check point before trolling in. Proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative test result within 72 hours of the event will be required. For testing or vaccination proof requirements, please refer to the SCA BOD announcement and FAQ, or check the Kingdom Facebook.
  • Persons 18 and older must show a government issued photo ID.
  • Parents or guardians of minors 12 and older must provide proof of vaccination or a negative test result for all minors attending the event in their care.
  • Children age 3 through 11 shall wear a mask.
  • A hand stamp will be given to all those meeting the above entry requirements to continue on through check in. Hand stamps do not disclose vaccination status, they only signify that safety requirements have been met for entry.
  • Once the Covid-19 checkpoint has been completed, attendees will continue through troll as normal. Attendees without a hand stamp will not be trolled in until they have been through the Covid-19 safety checkpoint and received a hand stamp.