THLady Jyne Hope


Vert, on a bend sinister argent, three butterflies purpure.

About My Persona

I am still working on developing my persona. I believe I grew up in England during the 13th to 14th century. I also am interested in the Irish, and there is more to come! 


  • Sable Gryphon
  • Daughter of Iðunn
  • Silver Swan of Jehanne
  • Ram’s Horn – Service

Officer Information


  • Chatelaine
  • Gold Key

Contact Info

Email for newcomer information:

Email for garb requests:

Phone: 865-428-2481 (No calls after 9:00PM EST.)

Position Description

Chatelaine: This officer is the welcome wagon for the Barony. They are the one who extends the group’s hospitality to newcomers and distributes information. The Consul and Gold Key are sub-offices of this position. Duties of the Chatelaine include sending out emails and newsletters, coordinating with Gold Key to arrange garb for newcomers, and acting as the general go-to person at events for new folks needing information or those attending their first event.

Gold Key: This officer provides loaner garb/clothing for those in need. The title of the office makes them easy to find at events and comes from the badge of office, a gold key.