THLady Marina Donati


Per bend sinister azure and argent, an arrow fesswise argent and a falcon striking proper.


  • Sable Gryphon
  • Daughter of Iðunn
  • Argent Plume
  • Guiding Hand
  • Ram’s Horn – Fighting, Arts and Sciences, Service
  • Order of the Broken Arrow
  • Order of the Split Arrow

Officer Information


Live Weapons Marshal

Gold Key

          Social Media

Contact Info

Live Weapons Marshall:

Gold Key (loaner garb):

Position Description

Th Live Weapons Marshal is the manager for Baronial archery and live weapons practices and activities. The help those new to live weapons learn how to throw axes, knives, and spears and teach target archery. At events, they are responsible for all live weapons and archery activities, marshals, and tournaments. They report monthly to kingdom, copying the group Knight Marshal and Seneschal.

The Gold Key officer provides loaner garb/clothing for those in need. The title of the office makes them easy to find at events and comes from the badge of office, a gold key.

          The Social Media officer oversees the barony’s Facebook page and Discord server.