Lady Nest de Morlehedauc


Argent, a chevron gules cotessed sable and overall a brown hawk rising proper armed, belled, and jessed Or.

About Me

I’m Nest, mka Danielle. I became a part of Thor’s Mountain and the SCA in 2015, when I jumped in with both feet. My SCA interest include (but of course are not limited to) archery, cooking, inkle weaving, embroidery, cheesemaking and fermentation, and lending a helping hand wherever it’s needed. In modern life, I am a chemist, college instructor, and wildlife educator.

About My Persona

Think Sam from My Side of the Mountain, but in 13th century Wales and not a dude. Morelehedauc (pronounced mor-LEH-heh-dowk) is the archaic latinized name for the mountain modernly known as Moel Hebog. Bird puns!


  • Sable Gryphon
  • Daughter of Iðunn
  • Meridian Cross
  • Ram’s Horn – Fighting, Service

Officer Information



Contact Info


Phone: 786-564-4046 (Text only, please.)

Position Description

This office acts as the group’s treasurer, tracking the group’s money. They must ensure the books are correct and up to date and all financial reports have been submitted on time. The Branch Exchequer Handbook can be found here.