Lord Rørik mac Lugdach


Azure, a pithon erect it’s tail nowed or, a ford proper.

About Me

Still in my first decade in the SCA, I cook, write a bit, and swing rattan.

About My Persona

9th century Norseman that has come to Orkney with his Jarl in search of plunder and fame.  He is a skald in his jarl’s warband, and has begun building a small homestead on the northern coast of Britain, where he lives when he is not raiding.


  • Silver Heart
  • Ram’s Horn: Fighting, Artes Militas

Officer Information


Knight Marshal

Librarian / Historian

Contact Info

Email (Knight Marshal): km.thorsmountain@meridies.org

Email (Historian/Librarian): hist.thorsmountain@meridies.org

Phone: 865-724-5155 (Please text before calling.)

Position Description

The office of knight marshal is responsible for marshal activities in the Barony. They are in charge of heavy weapons practices and activities and help new fighters train and assemble their weapons and armor kit. At events, they are responsible for the heavy weapons tournaments and marshals and coordinate with the Minister of the Lists. The individual holding this office must be an authorized SCA fighter or authorized combat marshal. All active members of the Chivalry are warranted as Reserve Knight Marshals. This is a reporting office.

The office of historian and librarian is the records keeper. They manage files outlining the Barony’s history. This officer maintains the Baronial library. The library contains books on historical subjects, past Baronial and Kingdom newsletters, and copies of The Compleat Anachronist, a quarterly published by the SCA.