THLady Serena Amansadora

About Me

I have been active in the SCA since 2007 and began as a rapier fighter. I then found archery and equestrian. I earned my Equestrian Marshallate in 2010 and served as Kingdom Equestrian Officer for Meridies from 2017 – 2019. I currently serve as the RUM Dean for the Omnes Creatures track.

I enjoy hosting equestrian practices and classes, archery practices, and combined fighter/archery/equestrian practices at FOB Johnston Farm, in Louisville, TN. Please contact me for more information regarding equestrian activities and authorizations. While you do not have to own a horse to participate, proficiency in basic handling (and riding if that’s your goal) is necessary. I am happy to work on an individual basis to help you achieve this!


  • Daughter of Iðunn
  • Ram’s Horn – Artes Militas

Officer Information


Equestrian Marshal

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Position Description

This officer maintains the safety of equines, participants, and spectators at all times during equestrian activities; mentors equestrian marshals in training; authorizes ground crew, general riding, and mounted games participants; introduces all who are interested to equestrian activities through classes and hands-on opportunities, both unmounted and mounted (including all aspects of the SCA applicable to equines including barding, leather, metal, medicine, riding, martial activities, and more); and works with those who desire to further improve their skills in the saddle during Baronial practices.